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The team at XILA Property Management knows how important your investment is to you and we will work to provide you with property management that exceeds both industry standards and your expectations.

Following is a list of broad duties that XILA Property Management would perform on your behalf and a copy of our owner's contract.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions you may have about our services. If you would like to meet to further discuss the management options, fees and actual logistics of managing your income property, give us a call
set up an appointment.

XILA Property Management Services | Management Agreement | Management Agreement (PDF)

All correspondence should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 3696
San Diego, CA 92163


XILA Property Management Services

The following outlines the services that would be provided for management of your income property. Work would begin according to the terms of the management contract

Leasing | Administration | Maintenance | Expenses
Financial Statements | Fee Structure | Miscellaneous



XILA's staff will:

Make sure your vacancy is clean and shows well

Supervise unit fix-up if desired

Advertise and show your vacant unit

Screen applicants, obtain credit checks, check references and select the most qualified tenant for your vacancy

Prepare rental agreements/lease agreements

Make sure your new tenants understand any rules/restrictions which may apply to your unit

Coordinate move-in process with new tenant

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XILA's administrative services include:

The collection and timely deposit of monthly rental income

Follow-up on delinquent rent including serving 3-day notices and turning over legal action to a legal service if required

Enforcement of rules and regulations

Handling maintenance requests and work orders

Maintain an open line of communication with residents to ensure their satisfaction and maximize the possibility of long-term residency

Receive and respond to general complaints and address them promptly· Handle tenant move-outs and security deposit deposition

Maintain files for each resident to include move-in documentation, work orders, complaints, and general correspondence

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Common area maintenance and unit interior maintenance requests will be verified and handled by XILA Property Management as follows:

Maintenance requests will be received at the XILA office and our maintenance team will handle them in the order received. Emergencies will take precedence over other maintenance requests.

Problems that affect resident and property safety and/or will cause damage to the property or resident personal property will be repaired by XILA immediately

Minor repairs will be serviced by our full time maintenance staff (charged at $30.00 per hour as needed). Major repairs and after hours work orders will be subcontracted.

Cleaning carpets and drapes will be subcontracted at the most reasonable price consistent with satisfactory levels of service. Cleaning, painting and minor repairs are handled inhouse at $30/hour.

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The following expenses will be paid on your behalf from rental collections:

Maintenance and turnover expenses within the terms of our management agreement.

Security deposit refunds as required by law.

Advertising expenses if applicable.

Management fees per the management agreement.

Other operating expenses as agreed by owner and XILA Property Management.

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Financial Statements

By the fifteenth of each month you will be sent the full portion of rents collected for the previous month minus the reserve and expenses paid by XILA and the following financial reports for the previous month’s operations.

  • Previous month’s cash flow statement
  • Up to the date general ledger

Arrangements can be made to distribute these reports to other parties/partners as instructed.

Your prior approval will be obtained for any expenses over $500.00 except in the case of emergencies or turnover costs as outlined in the management agreement.

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Fee Structure

8% of gross rents collected for properties of two or more units. $100.00 minimum commission for single unit properties or 8% of gross, whichever is greater..

No startup fees are charged to set up books, notify tenants of change of management, etc., with a one year contract.

A full time resident manager will be hired by XILA and charged back to the property for any building with 16 units or more and/or as agreed by XILA and owner for smaller buildings

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  • Maintain an open line of communication at a level acceptable to you.

  • XILA Property Management strongly suggests the use of an on-site manager whenever possible.

  • Landscape, security, valet, on-site manager, advertising etc. will be charged to operating expense.

  • Each owner is asked to maintain a reserve amount equal to one months' rent (the highest rent at the property) to cover expenses and any possible returned NSF checks

    XILA 's trained staff will represent you, on an hourly basis, in the event of legal action or any special projects as required and/or requested by you

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Management Agreement

Please print the linked document below and review. Once you have printed it please compare it to the contract online to see that all areas of the contract have printed. Review the contract and, either, email or call our office to get any information you need and to set up a time to meet at your property to do an analysis.

Management Agreement

All correspondence should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 3696
San Diego, CA 92163


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