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Get It Ready

Reserve a moving truck

Change address with US Post office
Notify Schools
Notify Department of Motor Vehicles
Measure new place for furniture and window coverings (doorways, walls, stairs, elevators)

Check with new community to see what services you need.
Local Phone Service:
Pacific Bell 800-310-2355
Long Distance Provider
(research the best provider for your needs)
Gas and Electric: SDGE 800-411-7343
Cable: 858-695-3220 or 619-262-1122 depending on neighborhood

Get It Packed
Get clean boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, scissors, rope, furniture pads.
Pack a separate box with valuables, medicines, birth certificate and passport.
Pack early.
Pack plates on edge, not flat.
Cushion boxes containing breakables.
Leave clothing in drawers.
Take apart beds and tables and tape hardware to them.
Wrap paintings and mirrors in blankets.

Get It Moved
Pick up truck
Load truck with heavy items first
Put all boxes in appropriate room in new home
Do final clean of old place after last load is unloaded
heck all cabinets/closets for remaining items
Get Settled In

Find Favorite/Closest...
Police/Fire station
Grocery store
Convenience store
Movie rental
Gas station
Post office
Get involved in a local service organization like the Rotary Club
or religious congregation

Check out Sign on San Diego for lots of additional information
and events


New Address





Post Office
Magazine subscriptions
Clubs (motor, community)
Professional Associations
Credit Cards
Bank Accounts
Newspapers — Union Tribune 619-299-4141
Community papers
Renters Insurance - most communities require this

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