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Tenant Testimonials

“There was a level of care put forth by Xila that is exceptional for any property management company…The day to day maintenance of our building was great.  The theme is pay your rent on time and expect exceptional service from the Xila team.  You get what you give.  With that I would highly recommend Xila.”

– Cindy P, San Diego


“Xila was a breath of fresh air.  Brad worked with me when I found my perfect place on their website before it was available, answering all my calls, setting up meetings for me to come in and even showing me the place. Move in was quick and easy, I had next day service for two small maintenance requests in a year, and a serious pro is auto-payment that other rental services don’t have.
I would have stayed in my little place of heaven but had to move to Hawaii, and my move out was just as personal and supportive. Barbara set up a pre-walk through to give me all tips to receive my whole deposit back, which definitely helped with the final walk through. They offered extra time to help me which is uncanny really. As cheesy as it sounds, go with professionals, go with Xila.”

– Courtney S, Honolulu, HI


“My company rented office space from Xila for roughly 10 years, and we had a terrific relationship. When we had any maintenance issues, they had them repaired as soon as possible.  The owners were friendly, patient, and understanding–rare qualities in landlordsI I was (and am) simply amazed at their level of compassion and generosity.
To those that had bad experiences: I hold Xila in such high regard, I feel like you’re talking about a totally different company. Well, that’s my two cents. I hope it helps someone make a more informed decision.”

– Mike M, Los Angeles

“We rented a beautiful house through Xila Property Management …for 2 years. They were always available and courteous. We received our full deposit within 2 weeks after leaving with a thank you note for taking such good care of the property. How often does that happen? :)”

– Terri T, Jamul, CA


“All good experiences with Xila.  I thoroughly cleaned my rental upon move out and Xila returned my entire deposit.  Awesome.  This did not happen with my previous rental, which … charged crazy amounts for BS cleaning.  Thanks Xila!”

– Justin G, San Diego

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on June 5, 2014
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