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Vendor Requirements

Thank you for your interest in providing vendor services for XILA Property Management. We would be happy to review your proposal to become one of our preferred vendors. Please submit the following items to our Maintenance Supervisor:

• Proof of current liability insurance. (Minimum $1,000,000)
• Proof of current workers’ compensation insurance if you have any employees.
(If you are the sole operator and you have no employees, a letter stating this fact.)
• Copy of contractor’s license if applicable.
• Completed IRS Form W-9 form for tax reporting purposes.
• References (preferably local and contactable)

Vendor Expectations

We expect our vendors to provide services in a timely and respectful manner. We expect clear and prompt communication both with the office staff and the tenant. Only those services that the vendor is licensed and qualified to perform can be executed. Invoices should be detailed and professional. We expect that the job site will be left clean and free of construction materials unless other arrangements have been made.

How to Submit Your Proposal

Please mail your information to:

XILA Property Management
P.O. Box 3415, San Diego, CA 92163
or Email your information as an attachment to